2022 Fall Fashion Trends, Early Wear Early Beauty! user manual


2022 Fall Fashion Trends, Early Wear Early Beauty!

Knitted Sets

Knitting is the most talked about item these years. 

From home wear to red-carpet battle dresses. 

From men's and women's clothing to modified versions of blurred gender styles. 

Its warm material and rich texture. 

It has long been an indelible mark on the fashion stage. 

Knitted suits are popular this year. 

Not the traditional suit with the top and bottom echo style. 

Many of them are emphasizing the inner and outer layers. 

The long knitted jacket + knitted underwear has been seen on the runway time and again. 

This combination visually weakens the lack of body shape. 

The contrast between inside and outside length and elasticity. 

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have a lot of money to spend on the internet. 

Even the set that echoes the top and bottom  

Women's clothing manufacturer

There are also many new ideas in the detail elements. 

The Y2K style is making a comeback. 

We're seeing cool and hot elements in knitted suits, too. 

Straps, drawstrings, cutouts, backless ...... 

Various millennial hottie elements are also added to the design. 

This improved design breaks away from the gentle elegance of knitting and 

It adds a fashionable and energetic atmosphere. 

It also breaks down the age and occasion restrictions. 

We can wear the unique design of the knitted suit on more occasions. 

Cutting process

In terms of design techniques, the 

the cutting process is still the focus of this fall and winter. 

With the concept of minimalism and deconstructionism, the 

The cutting process appears naturally, the 

like a bad cut by the designer, but with the right amount of 

But just the right amount of unintentional beauty. 

Cutting is both destruction and reinvention. 

A slit or a shape is cut into a flat piece of fabric. 

The cut-out patterns, either elaborate or unconventional

They are an expression of the personality and attitude of the garment. 

A complete dress or a dull jacket. 

A complete dress or a dull jacket is reinvented with a new look through cutting. 

Or a strong color, a dazzling pattern. 

cut to give a fresh and simple look. 

It's also much more manageable.


Tassel detail

Fringe has been developing since spring and summer. 

Throughout the fall and winter in many pieces. 

We can see the shadow of fringe swaying from the major shows. 

In the heavy autumn and winter clothing 

A touch of fringe 

Weaken the heavy, lighten up the world.

Tassels have been a symbol of romance and taste since ancient times. 

In the ancient costumes of China.

Tassel is an essential waist embellishment. 

In ancient times it was called a palace sash. 

Tied around the waist, decorated with jade pendant, gold or bone carving. 

The splendor of the embroidery, the swaying of the pendants. 

Together they tell the story of our splendid costume culture. 

And in the heavy autumn and winter clothing, the 

Tassel's embellishment is a touch of romantic fantasy.

Weaken the heaviness of autumn and winter clothes. 

Break through the autumn and winter color dull.

Fancy collar type

In the past few years, everyone has been making articles on the collar. 

The exaggerated lapels, sword-like straight pointed collar, or the romantic collar type decorated with floral layers. 

Or embellished with flowers layer after layer of romantic collar type. 

The simple style instantly has a touch of romance. 

The simple style is instantly romantic.

The unique collar effect is not only perfect for livening up your style 

The unique collar effect is not only perfect for livening up the style but also does not affect the difficulty of matching. 

It also focuses the whole body on the top. 

It can reduce attention to height and body shape. 

For a pear-shaped body, a thin H-shaped body is more friendly. 

Many shirts and dresses are designed with exaggerated collar shapes. 

In early autumn, the 

You can continue the feeling of spring and summer in the autumn. 

Pair your suit, sweater, or trench coat with the soft beauty of flowers. 

The unobtrusive accent 

Add a touch of romance to a simple outfit.



The yearning for fall.

It doesn't start with the autumn trend.  

It doesn't start the moment the autumn wind blows.  

But one day in the endless summer heat

Suddenly, I thought of wearing a thin shirt.

The autumn breeze rolls up the leaves on the mountain.

It was the afternoon when my heart was filled with emotions.

That is a scene that can only happen in autumn.

The longing for autumn is always accompanied by a cool and clear sky. With this thought in mind, the unbearable heat is transformed into a fresh and clear moment.

With this clarity in your heart, coolness and comfort will always follow you.

If you have a perfect ladder to the divine in your heart.

you are like a lily in the garden of truth.

Whether your fragrance disappears in the air

or disappears in people.

Wherever it disappears

It will live forever wherever it disappears.

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