If I threw away half my clothes, what would I keep?


First, determine  the style & scene

Before you start organizing, decide on the style that suits you best and that you wear most daily.

In my case, the commuting, slightly more everyday style suits and needs it.

Most sisters have more or less similar needs. Those clothes that are too dramatic and complicated may be bought just as a novelty, which is not necessary.

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Second, there is an important rule to keep in mind -- the 80/20 rule.

It doesn't have to be that strict, but the general rule is to make sure your wardrobe is mostly classic basics, with a few designers or more stylish pieces.

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If you can't, you can always go for the classic with a little bit of design.

As for how to create your own "capsule closet", you might as well organize your closet with me first, and you may get it!

Two, let's organize the closet together!

Step 1: Coat

High-quality, classic, well-made coats are worth investing in autumn and winter.

It can stand to wear, and every time you wear it, you can hold up the court without feeling cramped.

Want to have space to wear, and can adapt to the temperature of the high and low, you can leave a short style, medium length style, or long style, it is best to be different colors, but there are differences in design.

For the short style, I chose this apricot coat.

Choose a coat in winter don't ignore the fabric, and wear clothes to the later, it is found that wear more are those comfortable and warm.

This one is made of 100% wool, which feels soft and keeps warm well. I won't say that it can't be worn if the temperature is lower.

The surface of the water corrugated process, or not easy to pilling material, will be very worn.

The shape is simple and generous, and the rounded front is a very interesting small design. It can be worn open or buttoned to show the proportion of the figure. It will not be out of date for many years.

The selection of a small round neck coat is not too tangled, it is expected to wear the frequency is quite high.

When it gets a little cold, you can change it to a medium length.

I kept the basic khaki color, the A-side version, so it's easy to wear.

It is also one hundred percent high wool fabric, delicate and tight, has good warmth preservation, crisp upper body, feeling that you do not know what to wear and can go out.

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The short coat left a small round collar, long style on the choice of a small square collar.

It also has leather epaulets on the cuffs and shoulders, which is a small design point, not so boring, and the reason why I chose it among many medium and long pieces.

Although the academy style is said to be particularly hot this year, it has always been the evergreen presence.

A wide and loose preppy long coat is very suitable for cold weather when the inside to wear a little thicker and then set on, commuting travel can wear.

It is a slightly off-the-shoulder style, internal match tolerance is very high.

I like the design of this collar very much. It is a big lapel without a button and a small standing collar on it. It can wear two kinds of flavors.

Big pockets are just needed to warm your hands and are a must for long coats.

In order not to coincide with the previous color, I left this one in black, which is also a versatile autumn/winter color.

Khaki is also very durable, sisters if the long style does not leave khaki, long style choose a khaki can also!

2. Build in

Make sure you have thin knit bottoms and chunky sweaters first.

You can keep two of your leggings and just change them.

I like slim-fitting but with a little bit of margin, something that's not too tight, so it doesn't look bloated and uncomfortable with a coat.

Black is a must.

I love the style of a half-high neck, not too pick people, wear it is also a very thin neck, very lift temperament, folding necklace is also very effective.

In addition, the final decision to leave a beige gray, compared with the pure white impact is slightly weaker and left a few low-saturation color coats together more texture.

For sweaters, two basic ones and one with a little jump will suffice.

The one thing I must keep for the basics is this brown hooded sweater, whose detachable hat is too much of a poke. It's two different styles on and off.

Wear the front of the short coat and medium length when the two ways are OK, wear a hooded preppy coat that can remove the hat.

It is now the temperature of the single wear is also very can feel like leaving such a piece like leaving three pieces, do not be too valuable.

This square sweater is also a must-keep.

It's boxy, but with a mended square on the front that makes it a little bit different. It's what I call a basic, pure-design piece that's easy to wear.

Whereas a sweater with a serious pilling problem can't be touched after a couple of wears, this core-yarn fabric was less pilling prone, giving me the motivation to wear it.

If you don't want to wear too dull in autumn and winter, an interesting sweater is a good choice. It is not flamboyant, and the interior match is a good ornament.

I love this Ringer sweater. The combination of navy blue, aqua blue, khaki, and white is amazing.

The upper body length covers the hips, covering the crotch width, and is easy to handle.

The fluffy upper body is also super comfortable.

Cutting down the wardrobe does not mean giving up playing with clothes completely. In winter, it is OK to keep a vest.

A base shirt to wear folded vest, winter into the air-conditioned room after taking off the coat, wear also still have layers, beautiful.

I carefully chose to keep this beige one, which will go well with all my leggings and outerwear.

A small round neck with a base shirt, the chest will be slightly less white, do not match the necklace are good looking, early commute also do not have a headache to pick what accessories.

The slant design is also very special, slightly open below can also show the body proportion is good.

3. Bottoms

The choice of the bottom, to match everything as the first principle, decided to leave two pairs of pants and a skirt.

I chose a black pair of pants and a white pair of pants. They are both made of velvet. They are very frost resistant.

Black is a micro slit design, very suitable for wearing ankle boots, and will be very powerful.

White is straight tube partially loose, inside again wear a long Johns is completely no problem, small leather shoes can match.

Covering the two common versions, the upper body is a different effect, the common point is that they meet my need to show leg length, enough to wear in winter.

In keeping with the principle of choosing as many styles as possible out of a limited number, I decided to keep the dress this year brown, not only because it doesn't coincide with the pantsuit, but also because it's a classic color.

As you go through your closet, you can also compare top and bottom, top and coat colors.

The brown skirt and my apricot coat, beige sweater, and Ringer sweater in the front look great together.

The A-line, moreover, is the kind of loose, elegant feel I like, so there is no hesitation.

These are the items left behind when the big ones leave!

After this tidy-up a bunch, really feel the whole person is a lot easier! I'm sure we'll have plenty to wear this winter.

If you've been cleaning out your closet lately, try this idea to lighten up your life!

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