AUSCHALINK- Team building activities

AUSCHALINK- Team building activities

Why do so many people leave after every team building?

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In the answering area, netizens have left their sad experiences:

Team building was originally designed to enhance teamwork and individual qualities.

But under the boss's various actions, most of the team building has changed.

Not only forced participation, crowded holidays, and required employees to pay for their own pockets; even, it may even be life-threatening due to unprofessional organization...

No wonder the workers shivered with fear when they heard "Tuan Jian".

Whether a company is worth waiting for depends on how it looked when it was formed

When it comes to team building, my friend Xiao Zhang had a very unpleasant experience.

On Wednesday, she worked overtime until 9 o'clock, feeling very sour, and was about to go home to wash and sleep.

As a result, a message from the boss suddenly popped up in the work group: At 7:30 on Saturday, the company will build a team.

Xiao Zhang was frightened, and hurriedly asked for leave with various excuses such as diarrhea and fever.

Unfortunately, the boss responded ruthlessly: the opportunity for team building is rare, and there are no special circumstances, so no leave is allowed.

At that time, in order to save rent, Xiao Zhang lived in a remote suburb.

Since the transportation fee is not reimbursed, the company does not arrange unified travel; she is reluctant to take a taxi, so she can only catch the first subway and go out without eating.

After she arrived in a daze, she first listened to the leader's nonsense for 2 hours; then, she was assigned to a colleague she didn't know, and she formed a team to tug-of-war and play two-legged three-legged...

At that moment, Xiao Zhang felt that he had become a high school student.

That's not enough. On that day, it was 38°C, but the leaders asked everyone to climb the mountain without water, saying that only in this way could they hone their will.

After struggling for a long time like this, Xiao Zhang finally suffered a heatstroke on the mountainside and fainted directly.

On the same day, the colleagues finally rescued her, but she vaguely heard the leader say:

"Young people today, why is your health so bad?"

After the team building, her heart was completely cold.

Many people say, "Whether a company is worth waiting for depends on what it looked like when it was formed."

And that team building was like a mirror, reflecting the strength and cold-bloodedness of this company.

So, on the second day of the group building, Xiao Zhang resigned without hesitation.

However, as the billionaire Frith, founder of basecamp in the United States, said:

"Corporate culture is not created through certain activities, but occurs naturally, as a by-product of the consistent behavior of company owners."

Rather than doing a certain team building, we hope that the company will always have a simple, sincere, and mutually supportive atmosphere.

On the one hand, let us be seen and find our growth potential;

On the other hand, let us be understood and feel the peace and responsibility among our partners.

Team building should not be the blame for the abnormal relationship between superiors and subordinates.

May the workplace ecology become more and more beautiful.

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