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Trends from the spring/Summer 2022 collection


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Animal heat

Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino

Style is a language of fashion. Yves Saint Laurent said that "fashion is ever-changing, but style is forever". Fashion style is not only the presentation of brand culture, but also the in-depth interpretation of brand concepts. The 2022 Spring/Summer China International Fashion Week brings together the infinite creativity of designers, presenting a visual feast of different styles, and at the same time, it also leads the trend.


N°21, Chanel, Missoni

A big suit jacket

Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Chanel

Absorb the essence of oriental aesthetics and spread the charm of a great country. Jinba men's clothing and Pastoral Poetry turn Chinese characters into prints that are thought-provoking; Jianqi, Qiyi, Hongwei s, D.MARTINA QUEEN use the "undressing culture" in Chinese history to create contemporary loose silhouettes; Fanbaxiu, Jiang Peizhan, Tianshan is committed to promoting national culture and showing the symbolic meaning of clothing beyond the practical function. This year's oriental elements no longer only focus on craftsmanship, but also highlight the Chinese style from the overall temperament of the clothing.

Box dress

Versace, Prada, Valentino

In this fashion week, DAMOWANG, CHENG CHENG, FLOWER NINE, Leoumu, Liang Bingqin, Xunruo, Bailuyu, YOUG X, MACKZHENG and JOOOYS collectively made the fashion bloom. Flowers are an enduring theme in clothing design. Printing, decals, craft three-dimensional flowers, French ironing, embroidery, jacquard... Brands are flexible and diverse in the expression and application of flowers, full of vibrant charm, presenting To create a visual effect full of idyllic scenery, headwear, handbags or three-dimensional decorations made of real bouquets are also interesting.

The corset craze

Prada, Loewe, Stella McCartney

Less is more, "breaking away" is a topic that designers cannot avoid. A concise and accurate expression can bring extreme relaxation to the mind. Trends change, and "simplicity" will last forever. LYNEE, MoHanYun, YOUG X show their care for women in the workplace, and the comfortable and crisp wool fabrics emphasize modernity and warmth at the same time; CHEN.1988, WANMAY, and pick up the child through the silk hem design to reflect the agility and elegance, simple and comfortable without losing style ;Dismailing, D.MARTINA QUEEN, Celf Identity are capable and pioneering, clear at a glance and intriguing. On the premise of practical and comfortable wearing, the designers have made the return to the basics more pure.


Dolce&Gabbana, Balmain, Tom Ford

Leather application of LINCchic and Patvini; trend printing of Hongwei s and NILDET, Weird Planet; individual silhouettes of SUNGUITIAN and Moxi; denim fabrics of Rimba menswear and Weird Planet, designers mix and match at China International Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 Boundless, breaking tradition, customizing individuality, integrating "playful" into the gene of the work, combining soft and hard materials in material, passionate collision of color and printing, and incorporating classic shapes of different periods in style, creating a casual attitude that leads the fashion.


Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney

The soft visual language and magnificent artistic imagination have created the romanticism that everyone yearns for. l-LA, Green Love, Deng Zhaoping's private customization, YOUG X choose organza and chiffon, two light and soft fabrics, using the flexible properties of the fabrics themselves to present an aesthetic visual feast. Leoumu, CHICCO MAO, MACKZHENG, DEMAINZ and JUMPER ZHANG choose yarn or lace bows, ruffles, pleats and other romantic elements to make the clothing full of emotions, showing women's perseverance, but also women's "feminine beauty". "Perfect expression.

The whole body of crystal

Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Burberry

Deconstructionism and typographic aesthetics are still being interpreted many times on the runway of this fashion week. Disassembly and reorganization, material innovation, keeping original, asymmetrical design, smooth lines, folds, twists, stacking, curved shapes, the beauty of clothes, the philosophy of tailoring make fashion as intriguing as works of art. The no provincial road design of DAMOWANG and Subai makes the clothes look a little more chivalrous; MZSH and Qiyi create architectural-like lines from the three-dimensional perspective of the body; Chengjinyi Bureau, CHEN.1988 and HONGWEI_S × pick up in On the basis of visual simplicity, an extraordinary structure is permeated; Comunque Yang and Jiuwusiyu realize creative forms through the transformation of some clothing elements.


Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Missoni

In the post-epidemic era, the comfort of clothing has received continuous attention from brands. As a national sports brand, 361 cooperated with the Golden Top Award designer Liu Yong and the trendy brand IISE to jointly launch new national trendy sportswear products with both "Oriental beauty" and "sense of technology"; at the same time, LIQINGWEI, Weird Planet, Moxi, LINCchic, Xinlianhe, and Chengjinyi Bureau also created a sporty and casual style with a strong sense of fashion by using basic items such as sweaters, yoga pants, and sports bottoming; Combined with usage scenarios, from home to outdoors, it gives more freedom to the body.


Saint Laurent, N ° 21, Y/Project

Beautyberry, CHEN.1988, JIWENBO PRIVE's combination of rigidity and softness; YOUG X, Gaia legend, Di Simanling's self-confidence and independence; Moxi, JUNNE, Patvini's relaxation degree, 2022 Spring/Summer China International Fashion Week There was a strong female force on the runway. Wide-shouldered elements with distinct edges and corners; crisp fabrics, outstanding; contemporary women's beauty is presented in a rich form, the combination of ruffles and suits, neat tailoring, and a variety of forms to jointly write emotion and strength in the work.

A suit

Etro, Versace, MSGM

In addition to small luck in life, a sense of ritual is needed more. Like Liang Bingqin, CHENG CHENG, Weird Planet × China Post has a strong sense of plastic art, can express the inner strength of the designer, and has a strong perspective effect, which is suitable for wearing to attend fashion weeks, art exhibitions and other occasions. Beautyberry, JUMPER ZHANG, YOUG X and other brands continue the brand's consistent style, adding stacks, chains, folds and other decorations to professional clothing to enhance the ritual sense of clothing and allow women to switch freely between work and social roles. The designs of A.1 FASHION CHANGES LIFE, Gaia legend, and Jieqi can make the wearer bring their own BGM and the aura is full.

XS suit

Miu Miu, Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti

The collision between tradition and modernity, the balance between complexity and simplicity, and the fusion of vanguard and romance all present different clothing styles in the language of design. Although the trend changes, only the style remains forever.

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