As much as I love a stylish pair of white jeans the thing with white jeans is that they can be tricky to wear. At times they are not flattering and you always have to watch where you’re sitting. What to wear with white jeans is a question I get a lot so I’ve put together this guide to provide style tips, white jeans outfit advice, and some outfit inspiration!

Also remember this shopping tip every time you’re buying a new pair of jeans, white or otherwise. If you can’t tell in 20 seconds whether or not the jeans look good on you… they don’t. You’ll know immediately when the jeans are perfect!


White jeans of any kind are not the easiest to wear if you are curvy. They often make individuals look wider than they really are, because of the light color. But don’t despair; just follow these style tips to discover how you can wear white jeans and look your best!

1. The fit of the white jeans should be perfect: Not too tight, not baggy. A mid-rise, straight-leg white denim jean is your best bet. If you can rock the skinny ankle pant, by all means, do so, but most women should stick to something more classic. For summer, you might want to invest in a cropped white jeans, one that ends just two or three inches above the ankle.

2. The material of white jeans is important: While stretch denim is currently covering everyone’s derriere, you need to be careful with white jeans. Stick to a higher percentage of cotton in your white denim, 95% and above. This will allow you a bit of stretch, but not so much that it pulls and puckers, which on white pants is not a flattering look. And make sure to double-check that the material is very thick, some white jeans can be see-through and that is the last thing you want!

3. Clean lines with minimal fuss: By this, I am referring to the shape of the clothing you’re pairing with the white jeans; proportion, color, and textures. In some white jeans outfits, I will wear a cropped denim jacket to emphasize my waistline, rather than a jacket that ends at the hips, which would make them look wider. Remember the proportion, balance, color, and fit. If you need more information on what I mean by that then read How to Look Stylish Everyday – Your 5 Step Checklist.

4. Shirts in or out? With white jeans, I recommend wearing your shirts primarily out. Tucking them in not only adds bulk, but the color of the top can show through the material. And, given the fact that white pants can add visual weight to your behind, tucking in a shirt and wearing a belt just adds emphasis to the area, which is not a good thing. Leave your shirts untucked, or just tuck a corner in for some added panache.

5. If you’re looking to dress up your white jeans make sure to select a pair that is not distressed and a classic cut: Pair your white jeans with a crisp button-up blouse or a beautiful bright flowy tip. For shoes, you could wear a classic pair of pointy-toe flats to elongate your legs or pointy toe heels to really make you taller. Outfit examples below!

Keep these style tips in mind and you’ll create a stylish white jeans outfit!


If you’re looking to create dressy outfits with jeans take these four points into consideration when putting together your outfit.

1. Choose the right pair of white jeans: Go with a cut that you normally wear. If you like straight leg, wear straight leg, if you like boot cut, wear boot cut. Personally, I usually wear straight leg or skinny, they are my preferred style and it’s what I stick to.

Make sure they fit perfectly and look fabulous on you. White jeans are notorious for making you look a little wider than you really so make sure they really fit perfectly. I know I keep saying this, but it’s important.

2. Select a dressy shirt: Since we’re going for a dressed-up outfit select a material that is “pretty.” Find a shirt in lace, chiffon, silk, or similar. Pair the white jeans with a shirt that is more dressy than casual, you want a shirt that you think maybe too dressy.

3. Wear dressy shoes: If you want to add a pop of color you can do it with your shoes! If you’re deciding to wear white jeans with a pretty black shirt then add some color with your shoes! Think fuchsia, gold, blue, or your favorite color. If you’re wearing dressy flats or heels make sure they are pointy toe, as they will make you appear taller and leaner.

4. Complete the look with accessories: Gold jewelry adds warmth to this cold look. Since this white jeans outfit was more on the classic minimal side I wore gold earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, and even a crossbody with a gold chain. No holding back on the accessories. The blouse has a high neckline so I’m able to wear a long necklace that stands out against the black.


While wearing white of any kind tends to be verboten during the winter months, that style rule has fallen by the wayside in the last decade or so. There’s no reason you can’t rock a pair of white jeans in November or February (or December and January, for that matter).

Denim is a hardy material and holds up well in colder months. You can pair them with a long-sleeve colorful tee and a cozy white-and-black oversized cardigan or try a light gray turtleneck and a black leather biker jacket. Swap out the flats for a pair of knee-high boots, booties, or even ankle boots. In fact, if you can wear it with blue denim jeans, you can probably wear them with white denim jeans as well.

The advantage of white denim over blue is that it tends to look dressier than blue jeans. Pair white jeans with a frilly blouse and tall sexy heels for date night. Top it off with a belted coat for warmth and you’re ready to go.

Springtime is the perfect season for white jeans. There is still a bit of chill in the air, often making pants a required item. White pairs well with the soft pastels of spring. Dress them down with a pair of white sneakers, a t-shirt, and a lightweight jacket or cardigan, or dress it up with a silk blouse and a pair of wedges.

When summertime rolls around, your white jeans will pair perfectly with a tank top and sandals, or a flirty halter top and embellished sandals. The summer outfits with jeans are endless!

The white jeans outfits are really only limited by your imagination. This is why I put together this white jeans resource, to serve as your outfit inspiration! In fact, I’d venture to guess that 80% of the tops and blouses you own can be worn with your white jeans! As for shoes, unless they are heavy and clunky, most sandals, tennis shoes, flats, and heels will work well with a skinny pair of white denim pants.


White jeans in the winter are no longer a bad thing. A pair of bright white pants while it’s chilly, foggy, and gloomy outside can brighten up your mood. I’ve shared with you before what the “no white after Labor Day” doesn’t apply anymore. If you want to wear, white jeans go right on ahead. You might get a few remarks from the older demographic but with the right styling, those same people might cave in and say they like your white jeans outfit.

Only because the sun’s not shining doesn’t mean your outfit has to be the same. I love wearing white and bright colors on rainy or foggy days. You should put together outfits that have the mood you want to reflect. You don’t have to wear muted colors or black all the time in the winter. If the weather is not what you’d like to be put together an outfit that has light and color to it, so the outfit has a light feel to it as your mood. That’s what I always do.

Let’s review a few details that you should keep in mind next time you’re planning on wearing white jeans in the winter.


Choosing the right color combination for wearing white jeans in the winter is one of the most important things when it comes to putting together a stylish white jeans outfit in the winter.

A color combination that I love is white and gray. White jeans paired with a gray turtleneck or sweater keep the white jeans from overpowering the outfit. Like in this outfit I would opt for a lighter gray than a dark charcoal gray. A light gray plays nicely with stark white jeans, going for a somewhat monochromatic outfit.

Add a gray and white scarf to your outfit to bring it up a notch. The white and gray scarf I added to this winter outfit brings the white jeans and gray turtleneck together for a perfect color balance.

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