Fall/Winter 2022/23 Womenswear Fabric Trends - Concept Inspiration


Fall/Winter 2022/23 Womenswear Fabric Trends - Concept Inspiration

Tactile Sensory
Concept: As offline physical interactions diminish, fabrics with more sensory elements can be experimented with, with flashy fabric treatments shifting from mere surface decoration to a comfortable super touch. The trend bridges the divide between fashion and home textiles, with pieces that are both high-end loungewear and gorgeous enough to be used as dresses. Fibers & Yarns: Practical cotton velvet balances luxury with durable texture. For gorgeous evening wear, choose fine and flat silks, silky copper spandex or modal. The addition of fringe and chenille yarns add a luxurious touch to colorful woven fabrics. Construction & Finishing: Create a micro-pleated finish with a rippled look. Application categories: Tops, dresses, one-piece suits, jackets, loungewear.

Hazy Stripes
Concept: Following the important digital design trend, the filter gradient color style is softened by distortion dyeing and gradient dyeing appearance, adding positive and sophisticated charm to the comfortable winter textures. Fibers & Yarns: Traceable animal fibers such as RWS Merino, RMS Mohair and Cashmere are applied to avoid microfiber contamination. Choose plant-based alternatives to wool such as cotton and hemp fiber wool Ecopel. Create sustainable vibrant shades with innovative dyes. Structure & Finish: Exaggerated overexposure prints reveal a characterful look, as subtly reflected in the collection by Russian designer Nastya Nekrasova. In commercial shapes, ultra-pulled gradient stripes and rippled twill facecloth are the focus. Categories: Jackets, shirts, one-piece suits, jackets, coats.

Futuristic style Retro
Concept: Classic styles will be an important part of the Future Style aesthetic, with digital design and tradition complementing each other to create a new trend of creative mixing. Fibers & Yarns: Recycled fibers were used to create the theme. The shirts and suits are textured with matte GOTS cotton and certified fine worsted wool. Cotton and linen blends add a classic texture to denim and utility twill. Recycled polyester and nylon are used to create portable, technical, weatherproof pieces. Construction & Processing: Inspired by Mathilde Rougier's Modular Augmented Capsule, this capsule collection combines offline and online elements to showcase the virtual pixelated look of its own fabrics. Dobby patchwork twill and stripes are developed, exaggerating the checkerboard and warp patterns of the jacquard. Raised ribbing and textured contrast simulate 3D printed surfaces. Applicable categories: shirts, one-piece suits, jackets, functional garments.
Vintage hunting jacket
The hunting jacket is reborn with a loose fit, relaxed length and versatility giving this piece a lasting appeal. The classic look is interpreted through a check print/jacquard with a retro gene and a patchwork of different materials, bringing out the casual nature and the spontaneity of women. Key fabrics/details: Dizzt's new boxy jacket looks with a subtle check pattern and Urban Revivo's bold use of PU stitching, which weakens the ladylike feel of tweed and creates a casual atmosphere. Selling point: The tweed pattern is mixed with various materials for a casual look, while functional pockets and innovative stitching and trim are key to the design.
Viscosity Liquid
Concept: The growing demand for virtual space-time experiences will inspire fluid anamorphic fabrics with a virtual or digitally enhanced look. The high-resolution, silky surface will appeal to the hedonistic consumer and add a unique technological quality to everyday glamour styles, as seen in Deepmoss. Fibers & Yarns: Choose from certified viscose fibers by Birla, Eastman or Lenzing. Create a slouchy dress texture with ethical and flat silks. Blends with natural textured fibers such as hemp present delicate wrinkles. Recycled nylon with a silky touch and polyester for technical layers. Structure & Treatment: Brands such as Zilver, which focuses on environmentally friendly technical satin, deserve attention. Water-based PU coating reinforces the glossy surface. Overlay effect can be created by jacquard and calendering treatment. Applicable categories: Tops, dresses, loungewear, sportswear.

Environmental protection Fading

Concept: Eco-friendly slow crafting sets the trend for soft casual #sustainable denim, featuring healing filter color variations and patterns generated through natural processes and ingredients. Fibers & Yarns: Eco-friendly GOTS cotton and linen reinforce the theme, and recycled cotton-based blends such as Infinited Fiber and ReBlend can be applied. recycled and organic hemp denim such as Bossa, Royo and Advanced Denim are worthy of attention. Segment-dyed and printed yarns can be used to create soft gradient colors. Construction & Processing: Jiyong Kim creates ephemeral color effects through design-sensitive sun-faded pleats and folds. Gradient color checks and stripes as well as dip-dyed stock dobby can be developed. Eco-friendly washing process is worthy of attention, such as Officina+39's Oz-One laundry detergent. Applicable categories: Tops, shirts, dresses, one-piece suits, denim, jackets, loungewear .
Dissolve Muslin
Concept: Super natural materials promote circular and seamless production methods for fabrics and advance the concept of sustainable materials. Scarlett Yang's stunning serpentine lace blends digital technology with biomaterials, and algae extract and cocoon protein lace dissolve in water, making it suitable for eco-friendly couture. Fibers & Yarns: Resortecs award-winning water-soluble yarns offer solutions for easy recycling of garments and a recycled future for textiles. Recyclable polyester, recycled lyocell fibers and biodegradable and flat silks set the direction for fabric development. Construction: Development of lightweight sheer mesh lace, embroidered organza and chiffon shearline jacquard. Application categories: tops, dresses, shirts, pajamas, lingerie .
Matte Blend
Concept: The need for protection drives the scale of safety-oriented innovation, functional smooth fabrics that are easy to clean will enhance workwear styles, and matte finishes are suitable for commuter looks, as seen by Prada and emerging designer Andrea Jiapei Li. Fibers & Yarns: Econyl deserves attention, with manufacturers such as Recycltex and Shin Kong launching recycled lightweight polyester or nylon. Optional GOTS regenerated cotton and FSC certified lyocell fiber. Construction & Handling: Suit brands such as Albini Group and Peter England are noteworthy, along with anti-viral HeiQ Viroblock technology. Creates climate-ready, smooth cotton twill, bird's eye, poplin and plain oxford shirting with technical lining, double-sided construction and a microporous, water-based PU coating. Applicable categories: shirts, dresses, suits, jackets, coats, functional clothing.
Iridescence Gloss
Concept: The healing concept of the mineral texture trend in Spring/Summer 2022 continues into Fall/Winter 2022/23, inspired by future geology and iridescent stone. As shown by trendy streetwear brands like Kay Kwok, the theme leads the modern luxury movement trend. Fibers & Yarns: Drawing on the sustainable future aesthetics of material designers like Sae Honda and incorporating them into recycled polyester for a technical texture. Recycled metallic Lurex can be applied to dress pieces. Soft cellulosic sheen combines with space-dyed yarns for a digital brilliance. STRUCTURE & HANDLING: Classic geological patterns remain key. Development of ombré dobby and jacquard stripes to create sharp contours and pleated textures through rib and relief weaving. Applicable categories: tops, dresses, jackets, sportswear.

craft mix
Concept: As more and more consumers are aware of the waste problem in the fashion industry, they might as well knit tweed with a textured feel, echoing the ingenious aesthetic of repair and reconstruction. Based on emotional design, it combines color and texture for a playful and dynamic sense. Fibers & Yarns: See the Waste Yarn Project for transparent sourcing as a promotional point. Look for innovative tape yarns, fancy yarns, roving yarns and twisted yarn scraps for a decorative appeal. Re:newcell, Repreve and other recyclable and regenerated yarns are recommended. CONSTRUCTION & TREATMENT: Use distinctive checks and stripes. Focus on plain weave and mat weave to create a natural, unadorned patch effect with a frugal look that's easy to mend or recycle. Applicable categories: shirt coats, one-pieces, jackets, soft accessories.

Healing Soft Spinning
Concept: Inspired by cosy surroundings, infuses softly woven midweight and outerwear fabrics with a healing appealing touch for relaxed, loose fit indoors and outdoors. Soft patterns and colors help create a versatile look. Fibers & Yarns: Use a single ingredient for easy recycling. Air-laid, fine-count, terry and ring-spun cotton based on RWS wool, Merino wool. Use lash tape and chenille yarns for an innovative tonal texture. Structure & Treatment: Stacked effect with added weft and honeycomb structure. Two-tone jacquard checks and stripes simulate a soft, worn surface. In addition, floating and brushed effects are also the focus. Applicable categories: shirt coats, one-pieces, dresses, suits, coats.

College Style Tweed
Concept: As a popular business trend familiar to the public, the preppy theme injects a fresh and refined campus style into the classic look, making it an ideal choice for classic outerwear. Colville is the epitome of this style. Fibers & Yarns: Create high-quality, durable preppy wool. Source certified responsible animal fibers such as mohair, merino wool, cashmere. It is recommended to give the fabric a performance advantage through innovative processes such as weatherproofing, such as Optim technology. CONSTRUCTION & HANDLING: The classic check and stripes are scaled up for a visually striking look. Use double layer flannel and melton for a reversible piece. It is recommended to combine soft yarns with premium feel effects such as smooth calendering and tactile brushing. Applicable categories: jackets, coats, soft accessories.

light tulle
Concept: In a family-centric lifestyle, fabrics are the main home improvement style, with a healthy and healing atmosphere, while the veil-like light tulle and translucent materials create a delicate and soothing wearing experience. Fibers & Yarns: Focus on healthy natural skin-friendly fibers like Flax, SeaCell. Take inspiration from the work of up-and-coming textile designers, such as Pallavi Padukone, who infused yarn with a soothing aromatherapy fragrance. CONSTRUCTION & HANDLING: Development of breathable layered mesh, leno and fine linen weave, with slightly deformed jacquard expressing checks and stripes. Diffuse overprint is recommended for a soothing shadow effect on naturally dyed or undyed base fabrics. Applicable categories: shirts, dresses, one-pieces, loungewear and pajamas.

Home Improvement Dobby Jacquard
Concept: As fashion trends continue to enter the field of interiors, and consumers increasingly yearn for products that fit a harmonious lifestyle, colorful woven jacquards with home decoration-inspired patterns and colors came into being. Fibers & Yarns: Blends GOTS cotton, RWS wool, Merino wool and certified cellulosic fibers such as Naia, Birla or Lenzing Tencel to develop comfortable blends for year-round lightweight suiting and shirting. CONSTRUCTION & TREATMENT: Using avant-garde micro-geometric jacquards to develop checks and multi-stripes inspired by home interiors. Incorporate nostalgic retro tones to make the fabric feel homely. Applicable categories: shirts, suits, dresses, foreign cut pieces, jackets, accessories.

scrap collage
Concept: Zero waste and closed-loop solutions are a new design approach that helps inject a sense of sophistication and customization into recycled jackets and casual looks. As Sacai shows, the impeccable stitching, along with the color blocking, leaves room for personalization. Fibers & Yarns: Cotton denim and utility canvas are used with synthetic protective fabrics and plaids to enhance practicality and durability. Recycled yarns from pre and post-consumer textiles are chosen for strength using cloth ear denim where possible. Construction & Handling: Inspired by Garcia Bello's recycled patchwork designs. The designer uses trimmings collected from the garment and fishing industries to create pieces inspired by adventure. Application: Shirts, jackets, separates, denim, jackets.

Ergonomics Stereoscopic
Concept: The fabric treatment design is based on the intimate silk loungewear of Spring/Summer 2022, retaining the essence of quilting but incorporating a fuller ergonomic texture designed to capture the comfort in cocoon and curved forms for #everydaygorgeous style. Fibers & Yarns: A selection of FSC certified cellulose fibers as well as Peace Silk, or a choice of recycled lyocell, such as Sateri Finex. Construction & Finishing: A three-dimensional feeling shell tuck or Canadian pleat embroidery is used to update the bubble yarn and shirt fabric. Construct voluminous, voluminous double fabric jacquard. Brocade allows for a seamless blend of loungewear and eveningwear. Application: Tops, dresses, lingerie, evening dresses.
Super Plush
Concept: For the homebody consumer, warm fabrics with protection and comfort remain key. Plush surfaces, popular from Spring/Summer 2022 to the present, are cheerful in their minimalism, adding a touch of levity to the warm #extraordinarytexture look, as seen in LF Markey. fibers & yarns: Focus on traceable natural fibers to avoid microplastic shedding, and pay attention to the insulation properties of the fibers themselves. Sourcing responsible mohair, wool, cotton, single component or blended cellulose fibers, as seen in Steiff Schulte or Lebenskleidung. Construction & Finishing: Woven beaded tweed, needlepoint tweed with reversible faux suede, teddy fleece and faux lambswool, with modular inserts and accessories to implement upcycling concepts. Application: jackets, coats, soft accessories.

Delicate Pleats
Concept: With the new office paradigm quietly transforming formal and workwear, a sophisticated pressed surface is a practical choice. featuring an exaggerated staggered pressing process that effectively hides wrinkles, Nous Étudions designs are designed to cater to today's online-only lifestyle. Fibers & Yarns: High-twist cotton and wool yarns are used to create a sense of surface imperfections in shirts and suits. For heat-set pressed pleats in jackets, choose recycled polyester. Construction & Finishing: Irregular textures are key. Use heat-shrinkable fibers to develop shrinkage bubble yarns and double-layered fabrics. Subtle shirt checks and stripes help avoid over-design. Application: Shirts, dresses, suits, jackets.

Reinventing the Examinations Classics

Concept: Avant-garde #abstract construction and #reinvented classics are the new twist on the traditional suit and jacket tweed, influenced by the growing second-hand business platform, the reproduction market and the crafted reworking of design patterns. Fibers & Yarns: Use leftover fabrics from previous seasons, found at Acne Studios, or sourced from sources such as the Supply Compass Deadstock Library. When developing a new collection, choose new, consistent, high quality fibers such as RWS Shetland, wool, and GOTS cotton. Construction & Finishing: A mix of recognizable Prince of Wales check, small bird check and twill. Adopt front and back type structure. Applicable categories: Shirts, suits, single pieces, jackets.

Versatile Core models
Concept: Everyday pieces will focus on timeless classics, with a focus on comfort comparable to a casual outfit for the home. For those seeking a minimalist style, a versatile, long-lasting neutral color and texture will streamline their closet and unleash their appeal through styling - Lemaire is an exemplary brand in this area. Fibers & Yarns: When making shirts and suits, the focus is on traceable fibers and natural fibers such as GOTS cotton and RWS wool. Recycled polyester or single nylon components enhance weatherproofing. Construction & Finishing: Retain plain and twill construction. A sophisticated and casual youth fabric look. Note the incorporation of fine facecloth and functional lining to enhance functionality, and choose a three-layer breathable membrane fabric such as Xpore.

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