What to wear at Christmas 4 styles and 12 sets of looks for you to choose from

1/Color reference

Before giving a match, let's talk about the color.

Christmas with well, the first thing that comes to mind is red, green, white it.

Although these three colors are very representative and also very good-looking, but if not worn well is also quite a disaster.

So the following will give you a brief description of how these three colors should be coordinated with each other, and you can also learn from the past, with the existing pieces at home to try to match up.

Christmas Red

When it comes to Christmas dressing, red will definitely come first, after all, Santa Claus is wearing red well.

The color red is warm and rich, which will bring a kind of hip and vigorous vitality to people.

Not only Christmas, but our Chinese New Year also likes to use red to celebrate the festivities and joy of the holiday.

A large area wearing red will make the whole person is very eye-catching, and versatile black, white neutral color with are very suitable, both aura and not too jump off the daily.

However, we Asians will be a little darker with a large area of red on the upper body, you need to reduce the saturation and brightness, or away from the face a little.

If you feel that a large area is not easy to manage, you can also use red as a partial accent.

This is in the balance and the focus on highlighting, in line with the sense of hierarchy.

With the color recommended denim blue, black, brown, white, basically can not go wrong, as long as you pay attention to the proportion on OK.

You can refer to the above blogger's way of matching and then change it according to the items you have.

Retro Green

As a Christmas tree hung with gifts, Christmas is naturally green.

Although the green color carries the atmosphere of spring, but different saturation of green will bring people either warm or gloomy atmosphere.

Green is a cool color, when half of the whole body is occupied by green, you can reduce the saturation and brightness, so that both the Christmas atmosphere, but also will not show dark.

When worn as a partial, the color can be a bit bolder, softer or sharper.

Snowflake White

White is also a Christmas theme color, but compared to red and green will be more friendly.

It's not picky about skin tone, and it's not a problem to wear it alone or in layers.

Different brightness of white with together is still very special.

As a large base color with other Christmas colors, it is a perfect blend.

2 / with reference

After the color reference, the following to look at the specific with it, I divided them roughly into four different styles.

Simple and sharp

Gentle and elegant

Atmospheric chic

Casual and lovely

Simple and sharp

The style of these three sets is simple, but the design is unique in its own way.

There is no blatant declaration that today I want to celebrate the holidays, but a closer look is very festive, is not grand and not mediocre collocation.


The first set is a set of camel color smooth color, very textured.

The lapel design of the coat looks atmospheric and chic, and the V-neck pleated dress highlights the waist and is very elegant, suitable for festivals and less grand formal occasions.

The knotted embellishment of the tote bag with is also very special, and is a set that can be worn directly after work for the holidays.

Look 2

Christmas how to get less white, this set is a good taste of the lady next door dressing.

The whole is mainly white, supplemented by a small amount of black at the top and bottom, with a kind of Coco Chanel lady taste.

The colorful polka dots on the skirt like snowflakes falling from the sky, plus a sense of ceremony bow neckline, single wear a very festive atmosphere already.

Hat, pearl earrings, clutch bag, and increased the details of the chic sense of retro and elegant.

Look 3

The red double-breasted coat is enough to hold up the whole scene, the twill style, pointed collar design, H version of the coat is handsome double.

Inside the coat is a set of slim black collocation, simple and sharp at the same time and black buttons have a small echo.

The earrings, watch, and bag form a smooth color harmony on the outside, and the atmosphere is exquisite.

Gentle and elegant

This group is prepared for the gentle and romantic giver.

The color is bright and soft, and the underwear are completed by the skirt with a wide hemline inside allows you to wear a variety of thickness bottoms with abandon, look good to keep warm both.

Look 4

This set is a good and age-defying collocation.

The asymmetrical collar of the cape coat comes with a sense of design, a loose and loose style, wear some thick sweater inside will not show bloated.

The flesh pink striped sweater is very skin tone, and the white check pattern is coordinated with the cloak coat.

The furry bag adds a few cute to the whole set, like the gentle and lovely style of the owner can refer to this set.

Look 5

The end on a set of sweet cool Look it, in addition to the holiday, daily can also wear, very practical wear.

A type plaid half skirt bright eyes and winter atmosphere, elongated the proportion also and red beret perfect echo.

The biker sense of short jacket and thick boots, is also handsome girl essential single product, this set will be more suitable for the south, the north like also can directly add a thick jacket outside.

Well, a breath to share 12 sets of Christmas wear, a variety of styles one by one, I hope to bring you some Christmas wear inspiration.

If you think it looks good, give us a like and "watching" it!

See you next time.

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