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Unlock the 'new way' of wearing suits in 2022, it's the way to wear them!

Auschalink has recently been learning about the history of the fashion industry and has found that the suit really deserves the title of 'classic piece'.

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There is a sense of sophistication and elegance in a suit that cannot be replaced by many other items, and no matter how the fashion trends change, it will always stand out.


Especially this year, suits are totally on fire🔥! (Don't think you're stuck with the old professional type of suit! )

There were a lot of examples on the runway, from high end luxury brands to niche brands, all of whom fell in love with the 'suit set'.

Fashion icons are also wearing "suit sets", a simple suit that has been interpreted in an infinite number of ways.

Cate Blanchett's blonde hair and suits are so stylish and handsome, it's worthy of the title!

Supermodel beaver street photography look, the suit is very photogenic, each set can interpret a different style, beautiful!

Why is Sai Cheng Hei Wear so sought after?

// A sense of sophistication all its own

Uniform colours and sophisticated tailoring give the impression of having been carefully matched for a premium look.

/// High and slim

The stiff silhouette of the suit hides flesh very well, so even a slightly chubby girl can instantly become slimmer and, thanks to the visual colour unity, it does not divide the body and is taller.

/// Lazy people save time

If you're nervous about going out in the morning or don't want to bother dressing up, just wear it as a set, it's simple, not minimalist and easy to wear!

Whether it's casual, sassy, elegant or atmospheric, the suit can be worn as a complete set and is not limited by style at all, it's wearable and almost no single item can replace it.

So what's so new and magical about wearing a suit in 2022? And how do you get the most out of it? Let's find out!

Bright coloured suits

It's spring after all, so choosing a bright, colourful colour palette will be more in keeping with the season and will be far more eye-catching.

Colour is more imaginative than black, white and grey, so you can choose colours to suit the occasion or your mood and create a look that's pleasing to the eye.

Pink is a must-have colour for spring, as it is so vibrant and cheerful at first glance.

When picking a colour, you must pay attention to the saturation, and stay away from anything too rosy, otherwise you will see the most yellow and black side of your life.

The most non-selective powder is mixed with some white and grey tones, and can be worn by all skin tones.

I think it's the most refreshing with white, and the lowest threshold for driving, so it's easy to wear a high quality.

Influenced by the 2021 trend colour, yellow is still a popular colour among fashionistas, and it is surprising that a colour that was originally very friendly can be used on a suit to create a sophisticated and elegant tone.

When paired with white, it's like a summer lemon 🍋, so refreshing you'll want to take a bite.

Or choose a calm and serene blue suit, a relatively mild colour that is not too serious and can be managed by most people.

The difference between a coloured suit and a classic colour is that the colour swells up and visually makes it easier to look fat, so it's best to wear it with a belt for slightly chubby girls or small people.

The same colour, contrasting colours or metal belts all go well together, so just choose according to the style you want.

Suit dresses

Although big women are all the rage, the little girl inside of us needs to be unleashed once in a while, and the blazer dress is a great way to take care of that.

The power dress is a great way to balance the delicate distance between 'girly and feminine'.

The blazer over skirt, with a strong top half and a seductive bottom half, is a delightful look that can be both offensive and sweet.

The skirt is also very French and vintage, so you don't have to worry about choosing a style with high saturation and complex elements.

Classic black and white grey

When it comes to timelessness, the black and white grey suit has to be at the top of the list!

At an event held by CALVIN LUO the other day, more than half of the actresses were wearing all black suits, so you can see how versatile black suits are!

If you want a "classic" suit, then black, white and grey is definitely the way to go. Of course, the more classic it is, the more likely it is to have a small downside of being 'boring', so you need to be more careful in matching it to get rid of the possibility of monotony.

Like this suit from GIADA's early spring 2022 collection, the cut is simple, so it's easy to look uninspired directly on the body, but adding a belt in the same colour will instantly lift you up.

Of course one accent is not enough, another bright bag will make the whole outfit look more durable. Or add a silk scarf to give the look of a watery hibiscus, and simply stand out from the crowd. For a more striking contrast, opt for a brighter underwear.

For those who prefer a uniform colour, you can put some effort into the cut, with a slim jacket shape and padded shoulder detail, which will not press your height but will also look very sophisticated. The deep V double-breasted suit, like this one, is very suitable for white collars who like the romantic style, and the flowing feminine taste is very sufficient.

The waist-skimming design is very avant-garde, which happens to be a popular trend for 2022, so you can try it if you like. When choosing a suit remember not to choose too tight, it will be very insurance / sales floor professional taste, may wish to choose oversized style, will have more fashionable model.

The choice of wide-legged trousers will be more accommodating to the figure, and sisters with thick legs and curved legs can also wear a big woman style. Small people on the body wide leg trousers note that the suit should not be buttoned up, otherwise it will show fat and short, appropriate to reveal a small waist is more heart ~ Oh ~.

Do not like wide legged trousers can also change the idea, choose a short suit top, can also achieve the same high purpose.

Suit and Shorts Sets

Suit and shorts combinations explode every year, and this year is expected to be no different, so wait until the weather warms up a bit and you can arrange them! Two "salt" pieces worn together will instantly transform you into a leggy person with a stance of 2.8 metres! When a small girl chooses a suit with shorts, she can be slightly shorter than the small boy trousers are very nice, will not press the body. Tall girls want to fashion factor full body, directly choose the explosive Bermuda shorts, this bright shaking neutral temperament is really attractive.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Making classic suits more relevant to current fashion

/// Underwear

"You don't have to be covered up to wear a 'suit as a set', try wearing it open and sexy in spring when the temperature is rising. These days, I-vests are all the rage, and there's something a little wild about a serious suit with a sporty I-vest.

/// crop top

A crop top is similar to an overalls vest, but the former is more about showing off your waist. Supermodel Emily wore a blazer and crop top to the street, which was so eye-catching and sexy that it charmed a lot of people.

This is a great look for petite girls, highlighting the high waistline and matching with high heels.

Of course, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and other inner wear are also OK, depending on the weather and personal style, you can mix and match.

/// Metal accessories

Metal accessories are a great way to enhance the look of a suit and have a modern feel to it.

Just remember to choose silver for cooler skins and gold for warmer skins and you're good to go!

/// Baseball cap

Suit set will inevitably bring a trace of professional sense and formal sense, if you do not like too formal feeling, may as well add a baseball cap, the whole look will look more casual casual some ~

Some people say that the way you treat your clothes is the way you treat your life.

I hope you wear nice clothes, put on nice makeup, dress yourself up every day, take your dressing seriously and take your life seriously.

There is no more serious way to dress than to wear a suit. This spring, put on a suit and go enjoy the flowers,

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the greenery and life!

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