5 fashion trends for autumn and winter 2022, too fashionable!



Knitted fabric

ever-popular tenderness

After watching the entire autumn and winter show,

You will find that knitted materials are never absent.

And this year's knitted items,

Pay more attention to versatility and practicality,

on a beautiful foundation,

Added more comfortable and natural elements.

The style still continues the simple tailoring,

Light, smooth lines,

Showcasing effortless fashion.

A light knitted sweater with a skirt,

With a new commuter atmosphere,

Deduce the feeling of a professional elite.

one-piece knitted dress,

Highlight the figure, full of femininity,

Split, irregular details,

It adds to the chic feel of the dress.

As the inner layer of suits and coats,

Can also be equally brilliant.

Wrapped skirts, long lines,

Gives the coat a soft, relaxed vibe.

The colors are also more diverse,

Solid color, bright color, contrast color design,

A mix of materials and colors,

Bring a touch of brightness to autumn and winter,

It also makes the whole thing more textured.

Knitting is always at a unique temperature,

Take you to feel the changes of autumn and winter,

Become more gentle and tranquil.



A model of national elegance

Woolen fabric interwoven by warp and weft threads,

With a sense of nobility and elegance,

Even in the heavy autumn and winter atmosphere,

Also always stand out.

Tweed jacket,

Elegance and chic charm,

can be easily shaped

The image of "the flower of wealth in the world",

The perfect representation of contemporary women

Independent spirit.

This year's woolen is extended to

all aspects of life,

Design innovation makes soft

become no longer unattainable,

It's a more lifelike outfit.

A tweed little fragrant coat,

Classic, elegant, good quality,

With bottoms of the same material,

It exudes a rich and noble atmosphere.

Brightly colored fragrant coats,

Pair with casual jeans and wide-leg trousers.

Let the sense of luxury and relaxation merge,

Presenting a more fashionable, more down-to-earth side.

And soft woolen dresses,

Outline the elegant lines of women,

Showing a retro style,

Bring femininity to the extreme.


retro elements

Create a romantic atmospher

After a long period of stagnation,

There is nowhere to vent the anguish of people's hearts.

You can only heal yourself through clothing,

Hence the rise of retro elements.

Pearls, sleeves, polka dots, plaid,

After adding various retro elements,

Dressing is not only richer and more refined,

At the same time with a sense of age,

And unusually fashionable and thin.

The elegant tassel is even more so,

Weakening the heaviness of autumn and winter,

swaying and swaying with the body,

The soft exterior is full of strength.

The tassel is a romantic fantasy in autumn and winter.

It has its own wandering, free and easy characteristics,

Only a small area of embellishment is required,

It can break through the dullness of autumn and winter.

Retro can also be reflected in the collar,

Exaggerated lapels, straight pointed collar,

And layered flower collars,

Nothing but romance.

Heed the call of the heart,

Accept the lure of freedom and romance,

Use retro to express poetic life,

Use clothes to show the beauty of openness.



Create a unique sense of strength

This autumn and winter, neutral wind is still popular.

symbol of female power

Oversize silhouette suit and wide shoulders,

Especially favored by the show.

Handsome and capable hard shoulder design,

Make the shoulder line clearer and clearer,

And because of the beautiful waist,

The whole is not only not masculine,

Instead, it is more feminine.

The matching of silhouette suits is also more diverse.

With high heels, simple and formal,

Combined with wide-leg pants, leather skirts, and high boots,

You can also have different styles of fashion.

If you think the oversized suit is too exaggerated,

Try an oversized knitted sweater.

Optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio and make the face smaller,

Bring trends and styles into everyday life.


Variety of coats

Add fun to dressing

In addition to the oversized suit jacket,

This autumn and winter coat there are many tricks.

Leather jackets, flight jackets,

lamb wool coats, fur coats,

Provide a variety of choices for your autumn and winter.

Leather jackets, flight jackets,

Always casual, classic and versatile,

Although it will give a hardcore impression,

But with feminine items,

Instead, there is a delicate balance.

It's a completely different feeling.

Mix and match lamb wool jackets and coats,

While keeping warm, it can not only highlight the sense of strength,

It can also optimize the body proportion,

Bring you the most intimate care in autumn and winter.

And another coat that's trending this season

- Faux fur, stylish and luxurious.

All you need is a shirt, a T-shirt,

Or a light bottoming shirt,

It is warm without being too bulky.

The powerful aura exudes a sexy atmosphere.

About our product

Among the popular trends this autumn and winter,

Each piece of clothing is endowed with a different "character",

These unique clothes are silent letters of recommendation,

Changing with the seasons, with a sense of ritual,

Make you stand out in the crowd,

Also looking forward to us in all kinds of haze,

Come out calmly and shine!


If you have ideas for custom clothes, you can contact us!       

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